Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When applying eyeliner, it is always best to use a pencil that can be sharpened to avoid excess bacteria. If you are using a cream eyeliner like me, be sure to wash the angle brush every couple days.

Start from the outside corner of the upper lid, close to the lash line. Move toward the inner part of the eye, but do not go the whole way. Stop applying the eyeliner at the middle of the lid or so-- smear it a little so it looks natural and not so abrupt. Apply a small amount to the bottom lid's lash line (at the outer corner.)

If you apply the eyeliner starting at the inner part of the lid (toward your nose) it is likely that you will push down too hard with the pencil and make your eyes look closer together.

Eyeliner should be applied after the eyeshadow for a more defined look, but beforehand for a more natural look.

Note: People with blue eyes should wear brown eyeliner. Those with green eyes should wear purple or black. (Everyone can wear whatever color they want to, but these tips are just helpful hints for those who are completely lost or looking to change their look.)

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