Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hair Care Isn't Fair

For every woman, making sure she can keep her hair healthy and looking beautiful every day is a daunting task. I have a few techniques for making sure that even in the most extreme weather conditions, your hair will look healthy, clean and styled.

First and foremost, let's separate everyone into three hair types: dry, normal and oily.

Dry hair, or hair that gets extremely "static-y" when it's winter, or a hair that breaks easily when you are trying to style it-- those hair types MUST condition their hair daily, deep condition every three days and use a protective serum. When conditioning, start at the ends of your hair and use a small amount toward your roots. You don't want your hair to look greasy by the end of the day, so try not to use very much at the scalp. When deep-conditioning, use the same method, but leave the product in for about three to five minutes, then slowly rinse it all out. When blow drying your hair, try not to use hot air the whole time. Using cool or warm air is better for your hair and will lessen frizz and maintain hair moisture. Before you blow dry, spray a protective serum in your hair that will decrease damage caused by direct heat from your flat iron or curling iron. Side note: A great product to try is "It's a 10." The whole line is extremely effective.

Normal hair. If your hair is not particularly dry or oily, make sure you keep it that way by conditioning daily (using a very small amount of conditioner every other day and a normal amount on the days in between). It is a good idea, especially if you regularly use a flat iron or curling iron or if you have thick hair, to deep-condition your hair every week or so. Also, don't forget to use "product." That word means something different for everyone. Basically, find something to put in your hair so that it's not exposed to the raw elements. If you don't like hair spray, mousse, or gel you should try some of "Bed Head's" products. They have straightening stuff that you put in your hair and it just helps make it extra straight. They also have product for curls, wavy hair and all types of hair that don't make your hair look too stiff or styled, but natural and flowing.

Oily Hair is always much more complicated to deal with but not impossible. Only condition your hair every other day and avoid deep-conditioning unless you're only working with damaged ends (in which case I just advise you to get a trim). When shampooing, make sure you are scrubbing your scalp. This is hard, but only use "dry products" on your hair. "It's a 10" has awesome products that spray on dry so you don't have to worry about using too much and ruining your hair for the rest of the day. Use a flexible hair spray. Call me crazy but for some reason it works better and longer on oily hair. Also, I've never tried it so I'm unsure of how it works, but "dry shampoo" is offered by many companies including "Oscar Blandi" and "Big Sexy Hair." I've heard it's a miracle.

Whatever hair type you have, just remember to stop wishing you had your best friend's hair. Embrace what you have and make it look beautiful to its own fullest potential so you will wear it proudly.

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