Monday, February 07, 2011

Lashes, Lashes, we all want more.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to mascara. I suggest going to Sephora and testing a few different kinds so you know what you're looking for. I usually buy mascaras that curl and separate my lashes.

Rule #1: DO NOT pump your mascara wand up and down into the tube. It sucks air into the container and helps bacteria grow.

Rule #2: Buy new mascara every 4 months-- at least! Old mascara is not good to use on your eyes. It could cause infection.

Rule #3: Once the mascara on your lashes has dried, don't put more on over it. Flaking will occur.

To get mascara on both sides of your lashes, wiggle the wand (move it back and forth, from right to left, while brushing it from lid to tip.) To make your lashes curl a little, close your eye almost all the way and then use the wand to brush the ends of your lashes upward. Obviously, for a more dramatic curl, use an eyelash curler. Make sure you use it before you put the mascara on. Using after could cause flaking, or even worse, your lashes could get stuck to it and you could accidentally rip them out.

If you have blue eyes, use brown mascara. Green eyes should be framed by black-brown mascara. And lastly, brown eyes should use black. Sometimes it's OK for brown-eyed girls to wear black-brown but those times are during the summer, when they're wearing white sundresses.

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